This week I played some games

Puzzle Juice / I bought this Tetris/Word puzzle mashup due to a combination of it’s excellent graphic design and it being on sale for .99. I’m not normally a big word game fan so I don’t expect it to become an enduring addiction, but it’s great to see a game with a clean an modern non-illustrated […]

Videos I watched on the internet this week

A Year of Sun with Mr. Persol. Knights of Basassdom. Late to the party on this one. I always read articles about it at work, but never checked out the trailer: Giant hornets take on a colony of bees. Prometheus trailer. Cults – Abducted. I kept hearing this on the Current but never was around […]

This Battlefield 3 Simulator Shoots Back At You

Remember that awesome virtual reality games from the nineties? This looks like it might be a bit more fun: If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gaming website this holiday season, why not consider this Battlefield 3 simulator constructed by Channel 5′s The Gadget Show? With an omni-directional treadmill, a wireless gun system, five HD […]