This week I played some games

Puzzle Juice / I bought this Tetris/Word puzzle mashup due to a combination of it’s excellent graphic design and it being on sale for .99. I’m not normally a big word game fan so I don’t expect it to become an enduring addiction, but it’s great to see a game with a clean an modern non-illustrated approach. I love the subtle dimensionality and shading on the blocks and the colored stripe visualization for block placement.

Temple Run / A number of people mentioned this recently on podcasts and Twitter so I had to check it out. Turns out it combine’s everything I dislike about Jetpack Joyride (coins, coin magnets, buy more coins, etc) with what appears to be left over assets from a World of Warcraft troll instance. I like to imagine that the little running guy stole some sacred artifacts and you’re really just helping out some treasure hunting jerk.

Monsters Ate My Condo / Adult Swim recently launched a “Lite” version of this great match 3 stacking game by Pik Puk. I played it for about 30 seconds and had to buy it. The monster animations have an incredible amount of life and energy to them. It was great to play an actual game after spending so much time recently with the addicting interactive-spreadsheet that is Tiny Tower.

Bayonetta / The wife was using the communal office chair and laptop so I had no choice but to play some videogames on the Xbox. After reading an old Aztez post on brawler defense mechanics, I had to pick up Bayonetta and explore how her dodging and attack combos worked.  It struck me as odd how refined and fluid the combat is and how terrible the UI experience is. Lot’s of odd decisions on that side of things.

Another odd thing I noticed was how similar the in game shop looks to an iOS in app purchase hub. I earned a few thousand rings every game, but the items were all priced at 20k-100k. It felt as if I was just overlooking the “Buy More Rings” button and kind of makes me fearful as these up-sells work there way into the console experience.


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