This Battlefield 3 Simulator Shoots Back At You

Remember that awesome virtual reality games from the nineties? This looks like it might be a bit more fun:

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gaming website this holiday season, why not consider this Battlefield 3 simulator constructed by Channel 5′s The Gadget Show? With an omni-directional treadmill, a wireless gun system, five HD projectors and a massive dome, it would strike just the right balance between you looking chintzy and us being embarrassed by your generosity.

This looks to be a pretty immersive, albeit fairly expensive, way to get your gun on in the future. It almost looks like something from a bad episode of the X-Files, where you know a rogue AI is going to eventually take over and make good use of those paintball guns. I’d love to see the interface hooked up to something less shooter-y an more atmospheric, maybe Alan Wake or  Heavy Rain, or something ridiculous like Katamari Damacy.


Bonus: The Making Of video

Source: Joystiq

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