Enemy Sketch Dump

Now that I have so much free time I’m starting back up with my game development! I’m currently working on 2 games: one super simple and one that’s more complex.

Simple game is a simple dodging game that I’m building with the Unity3D engine as a learning project that I will be able to publish to the web, and maybe iOS if I get that far.

Complex game will be a spinoff of my unfinished comic project Seven Guns of the Old Gods. I’ll mostly be working on animation and style tests in Photoshop and Blender, with the goal of finding a programmer and animator to help turn it into something more.

Here’s some sketches from Complex Game. It has a heavy metal inspired art style and will include lots of brushy hand drawn art. I’ll also figure a way out to include large portrait art on screen occasionally, similar to what I’ve seen in lots of Japanese games but less cutesy/Lolita.

More to come in the future…

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